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1951 Prince Of Wales Dr, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 3J7
Our Booking PolicyAs a courtesy to my schedule and other clients, I kindly request that you notify me at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule our appointment. Thank you.

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Sacred Healing Ceremony

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:$195

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17 reviews
  • Melanie Stewart·

    Blown away! excellent experience.

  • Abir Yebara·

    Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me. I don't have words to describe my experience today. love you Helena.

  • Holly Finucan·

    I love Helena! She is the perfect guide to help me along my healing journey and always what I need in that time of my life. Highly Recommend Helena

  • Anonymous·

    I absolutely adore you!! You bring light into my day and always make me smile (and laugh). Thank you for sharing your special gift with me and for being with me on this journey to healing and self-care.

  • Katrina·

    Thank you Helena for providing such a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Such an amazing and enlightening experience. Highly recommend!

  • Amanda·

    I cannot put into words how amazing this experience was!! I highly recommend!

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